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Okay! woo!

Now, today was an okay day. Until Don started talking about the convention. I told him I didn't watch it. I didn't feel like discussing it with him, and I thought that this would end the conversation. Alas, it did not. At one point he was lecturing me on not watching it because that means that I'm not informed. I told him that both conventions were nothing but self-congratulatory wankfests, and he was like, You don't know that unless you watch it. Now, granted, he doesn't know that I watched about 30% of the dem convention (I kept forgetting it was on) and then watched last night the repub convention (like I said, debating watching it some more...but, I can't bear it, it's too painful and I think it gave me heartburn).

Anyways, he says, "you need to get all the information you can to help you make a better decision."

me: "It's not helping you any."

him: "I have no response to that."

Most of the time, we have good natured ribbing about each other's politics, but after what I saw last night, I couldn't be good natured. I am SERIOUSLY beginning to consider moving to Canada or Europe until this guy is out. I think I have said before, I agree with many of true republican ideals, smaller government, etc. But, this guy...anyways, the icon says it all :)

anyways, headed home, later kids.

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