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So, I'll be heading towards west palm at some point today and then coming back tonight. Whether or not Dave is coming with me back here is up in the air.
I'm pretty much near freak out.
I talked to Heather and she went to go get some supplies, she can't find ANYTHING. So, I will be bringing her some supplies as well as cash for my parents and helping them to fuel up cars (they have like NO money right now, don't get paid until next week!)

I'm getting like minimal sympathy from Bobbie as she thinks I'm nuts to even go near west palm right now. "You can't save everybody."

Quite true, but I'm being asked to help, and I'm going to help as best I can and then get the hell out. I also want to secure a few of my personal belongings while I'm there to make sure that they remain safe. I don't know if the second story of the house will make it :) (it's wood frame and the bottom is brick/concrete). I'm nuts, but this is what I need to do I think.

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