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I had to work yesterday (Sunday) because the girl who usually works called in "sick". I use quotation marks because I know that she was faking it. How do I know? I was talking to the girl who closed the night before after opening girl, and she said that she was acting odd, not wanting anything to be done, saying it could be done tomorrow (when she knew she wouldn't be there). I was quite pissed because I was woken up at 7 in the morning on a SUNDAY!!! That's truly obscene.

So, I got there around 9 and stayed until 4 p.m. where I then had to go home and do laundry and what not.

Today I opened late (I overslept), but that's okay, because it's not too busy on Monday mornings. I have to close tonight too, one of my coworker's grandfather passed away last week, so he's not here right now. That's okay, just more money for my two trips this summer. I am just so fucking sleepy right now.
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