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I am so effing exhausted right now. I didn't get into west palm until about 9:30. I took Heather her food/water and chatted with her for a few minutes. She too was really tired, as she helped her brothers put up plywood on two houses. So, we did the exchange of goods, I kissed my grandpa bye (they sent him home, but he looks ok, so I'm not too upset over that anymore) and then I headed for my house. Got there and the twins were there running around being all crazy like babies do (they are almost 2 now) even though it was 10:00 at night. I went up to my room and made some decisions...which books could I absolutely NOT live without. So, my David Sedaris collection, Harry Potter collection (shut up), my John Douglas collection, Helen Fielding, some book called Wizard of the Wind (I have no idea why I love this book, but it's pretty good), 100 years of solitude, No Exit and The Stranger(my elitist existential stuff, what? I was goth before being goth was cool, but I grew out of it) Women by Annie Leibovitz and a HUGE book of Georgia O'Keefe paintings and all my records. I know that I missing a few books in there, but you get the jist of it. Then there were the photos hanging on the wall. Put those in the bin, some of my knickknacks that I have attachments to (like a pepper oil glass container that is inedible, but is from April and Chris' wedding) my cow shaped incense burner, some shot glasses that are just tres tres cool (like this one with a cactus in it) and just some other odds and ends. Then, as we were getting the twins to bed, I looked up and realized that my diplomas were still hanging up. Oops. So, put those in a bin too.

It's almost sad when you start to just like try to figure out what is really important. Photos are usually the first thing that get chosen over anything. Oh! and I have a framed picture of "The Kramer" that I put in the "safe room" of our house. Can't let anything happen to that badboy, that was a belated grad present from the 'rents. :) And one of my most prized possessions.

Then I grabbed Dave (by this point it was about 12:30) and he packed up what he wanted to salvage from his house (the apartment complex where he lives isn't going to board up any of the windows and they won't let the tenants do it either, nice huh?) so he grabbed his cds (he has MASSIVE AMOUNTS and I don't even think he grabbed them all to tell you the truth) and his computer, over night bag, dog stuff and the dog and we were off.

We got back to Fort Myers around 3 in the morning, where I then collapsed into the bed and woke up again at 6:30 to go to work. YAY!!!

I'm still at work, but hopefully not for much longer. I should be able to get all the payroll stuff squared away today and then it will be easy sailing on Tuesday :)

p.s. this new icon was stolen from someone (i can't remember who now:( and then stolen from someone else who sent it to me) and this is the quote I have as my .sig right now in my email account. oh, and seriously, if you want gmail, come and get it!!

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