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Day 2 of sitting around :)

I should call my parents, see how things are going. I'm watching Emma right now. I almost laughed out loud when I heard this line, "I am going to sketch the pond, would you care to join me?" I am paraphrasing, because I wasn't really paying too much attention, but it just seemed funny. I have absolutely nothing to do with my time, so, let's go sketch. Ahh...thesimple life :)

Dave is sleeping some more. Not much else to do, it keeps raining off and on. Josh went and got some sand bags for the front door to help keep some of the water from coming in like last time. I guess I'll actually read some of my schoolwork or something like that. Might as well put some effort into the next two classes, since I'm still paying for it.

More later perhaps. Oh, and ntang I took your zell miller gimp photo and it is now the desktop of Josh's computer :) He thought it was hilarious.

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