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I'm getting a little worried. All of my family has been without power since about 9 a.m. Saturday. I haven't heard from my parents, but one of my aunt's did (the only one who still had power when I talked to her) and she heard from them earlier in the day and they were still okay. She didn't make any mention of damage to the house though, of course, the worst hadn't gone through yet. So, then I talked to one of my cousins. She tells me it's REALLY HOT and then she tells me her mom had another shortness of breath spell. GREAT! She really needs to be sitting in the heat, non?
And then I thought about my neighbor across the street, she's on oxygen 24/7.
I tried calling there, but I guess the phone lines are down because I got a recorded message about telephone company troubles. *sigh*
I'm sure everyone is okay, but, of course, I'm not there, so I am going to worry. Right now I'm just chit chatting with some of my buds online and that is helping to soothe fears and take my mind off everything. I should go to bed, instead of watching 24 hours news channel with HURRICANE COVERAGE OMG YOU ARE ALL GOING TO DIE LOL!!!ONE1 but, i'm a masochist I suppose.

I hope everything is okay panthur and that you and Glen are keeping sane :)

This was a funny quote on FoxNews from their little titles of what is going on and things related to the story going on, you get the idea, anyways, this was great: Jeb Bush to respond to storm after it passes.

I have a picture in my head of Jeb flipping Frances off after she's in Alabama going, "Oh yeah, well, whatever, CHARLEY WAS WORSE BITCH!" :)

I don't know what I'm talking about anymore :)

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