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I'm at work today. Booooring :)
I have to have payroll in EARLY Monday morning because of Ivan. So, here I am tracking these guys for a while. I may make guestimates of their time and just verify it on Monday. More than likely, it's going to be an 8 hour day. Let's hope, non?

Talked to my cousin, my mom said that FPL told her probably not until NEXT Friday for power restoration. Wow. Stupid tree on the line probably has a lot to do with it. Oh well, so I get to hear more about how the world is against her. My favorite right now is that she is threatening to move to South Carolina. Um, don't hurricanes go there too? Ah well, whatever makes her happy, right?

I got to talk to the twins last night, they said "bye" "elmo" and Sidney said "leeya" so it's close to Alica. I told Brandi that the first kid to say "Leesha" or "Alica" gets the college fund :) Sidney is pulling ahead in this competition.

I bought a digital camera. *hangs head in shame* I SWORE I would never own one because analog cameras have better quality, warmer pictures, etc etc. But, they don't take video footage, and that's what I want mostly. So, with this camera, I will probably take TONS of pictures of the twins and be posting like a mad woman their pictures here. Oh, I guess I can take a pic of my new tat finally and upload that as well. Woo! I got the same kind as Bobbie and Josh have, so, I'll probably put a sticker or something on mine to distinguish it from their camera. I do like the idea of not having to pay for processing as I still have hurricane pictures sitting in my car waiting to be processed (I know I know...shouldn't leave it in the heat...I'm so bad).

AAAAAAAAAND...Florida State lost last night in one overtime 13-10 against Miami. *sob*

Let's hope that we can win the rest of our games this season...stupid gits. I'm *this* close to not watching them anymore...but, I know I will always be a fan...FSU is my alma mater after all. Ok, back to doing some work.

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