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My parents got their power back today! Yay!!!! They discovered this as they drove back to their house from my aunt's where they have been staying for the past three days (they finally couldn't take the heat anymore). My mom said she didn't hear the generators going when they were driving along and then saw our across the street neighbor's door shut, BUT we are on a separate grid from them, so she didn't hold her breath, but she walked in and the fans were on. YAYAYAYAYAY!!

So, they cut down quite a bit of the evil mango tree and carted it to the front. Tomorrow my mom will probably go to the grocery store and restock the refrigerator/freezer. And now that they have power, I can head over there next weekend and help them out with stuff. Maybe I can finally talk her into cleaning out the kitchen COMPLETELY. Doubtful, but I guess I'll always keep trying.

Today is a cleaning type day. I put my clothes away, cleaned up the desk which was overrun with papers, found my tag renewal (woo!) and changed the sheets. Now that I have 2 sets, I'm changing them a lot more frequently than I used to. That I usually wake up kind of sweaty, so I figure it's time to be a bit more vigilant, non? I know I know, TMI. Allright, now, need some lunch, do some grocery shopping and then...fake schoolwork! woo!

More later I'm sure.

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