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Publix was having an awesome sale on stuff, I got 2 boxes of Barnies Tea (English Breakfast and Mint) and a container of Barnies Chai Tea mix for about $1.50 each. Woot! Now I have tea for work for when I need a little pick me up. I could really do without the chai mix since it is mostly sugar, but I'll probably just make that a Friday treat or something.

I also went to Target yesterday and found a little white cold painted glaze candle holder for $2.50 down from $10 and I got 3 fake flowers to go in it. I used the rest of my blue marbles that I got for my other flower arranging project to hold the flowers in place. Maybe I should take a picture with my new digicam...doot de doo...I'll think about it :)

Anyways, so I'm all happy about my clearance finds (even the silk flowers were on clearance!). Vera is taking up about 1/2 the bed right now...figures. I checked out some books from the library, a few cookbooks, a book about how to shop better and an interesting look so far on the evolution of cooking in America like with frozen foods and what not (like a 20 year look from 1945-1965). But, I cleaned my room, it's very nice and sparkly, just HOT right now. Bleh. I'm rambling which means I should try and cool my room off by opening the door for a bit and putting the barrier up so that Otis can't get in :)


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