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Okay, here's some new pix0rz w00t! :)

Of course, cut for your pleasure...and sorry for the dialup peeps.

The Twins The Twins

Mango Tree Mango Tree

Back Porch Back Porch

Ok, so, first picture is the twins, almost 2 years old and just absolute crazy energy and silliness. Sidney is a one baby welcome wagon just says hi to everyone she passes as she's being pushed in her stroller. It's amazing how many people just smiled and said hello right back. Almost seemed to brighten their day. That's always fun :)
The second picture there is the mango tree that's been in our backyard FOREVER. But, no longer, uprooted and needs to go, that root alone is just insanity! I'm not really sad to see it go given my extreme allergies to mangoes, but sad in the way of sorry about the tree and how its life is over (at least at our house, if anyone wants it, they can come and get it!)
Third picture is our backporch. You are seeing the underside of the roof. It completely flipped over. The cage is also starting to fall down given the weight of the roof not being on it properly. Absolutely amazing, my mom saw it flip over. Not a fun sight she says (although, I probably would have found it pretty cool...in hindsight) :) I'm just sick that way. All of these pictures were taken with my new Canon Powershot SD110 digital cam. I have more hurricane Charley pics that are on CD from my old school minolta point and shoot (like early 80s camera) that I Picked up at a pawnshop...they aren't anything really groovy, but they are ok shots, I may upload those to Yahoo and have a gallery of those. For more baby pics, go here http://photos.yahoo.com/locakitty That also has my pics from Key West that I took with my Dad's minolta 35mm camera (those are from 2002).

Ok, need to do some laundry and get some reading done.

oh, as an aside...Have you ever seen something just completely random that just made you smile? Well, driving back to Ft. Myers from West Palm I took I-75 over and was heading north when I saw a group of bikers heading south...now, you think of biker, you usually think of burly hairy guys...Every single person riding down was black. Just not something I had ever seen before, and they weren't on little crap motorcycles, these were full on hard core rockin' cycles. It just made me smile. :)

All righty then...on to mundane stuff.

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