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The family is alive and well. Just about everyone has some sort of damage, but nothing horribly major. My parents said the porch cage is pretty much completely ruined (I'm going to try and go over tomorrow night and leave Tuesday evening so I can get some photos for them, they'll probably need them for the insurance). The mango tree is leaning further into the power lines now...yay!

So, once again, they have no power. It's been less than two weeks since it came back on. Thankfully it looks like Tropical Storm Lisa is headed for Newfoundland or something, so, that's good for us.

I made chicken and dumplings and carrot cake this evening, all low fat and so tasty. The recipe for the chicken and dumplings amused me though, I was reading it and realized, there were NO spices listed other than a 1/2 tsp of salt. WTF?? So, I threw in some marjoram and thyme, that seemed to help quite a bit. I also need to spice the dumplings, it's just bisquick and parsley and milk...needed pepper :)

So, I'm going to bed now, probably a nice long drawn out bore fest tomorrow when I'm not so sleepy. laters!

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