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Very boring day at work. Stopped myself from doing any "real" work. I got done what needed to get done and spent the rest of the day looking for a hotel room in Orlando for next weekend (barring anymore hurricanes hitting our tree branch littered state). I just was NOT feeling work today. Ah well, tomorrow is another day, I'll probably kick it out tomorrow and be just crazy insane. This one supervisor says he can't find the check for one of his employees. So, we get to decide tomorrow what to do about this. He says he's checked his truck and that the guy never got his check and it wasn't in the batch of checks. I'm doubting someone's story here. I guess we'll see, non?
Brandi just called, she has power again! yay! It seemed to have come up much faster this time around. I don't know if my parents have theirs back or not yet. They aren't answering their phone :(

I uploaded the photos I took as soon as Charley went away, they are here: http://photos.yahoo.com/locakitty
That's my new photo album I think :)

I'm sure I would have more to say,but my brain is rather mush right now. I have an assignment due on Wednesday with my team, but I have no idea what we are doing...soooooooo, I'm waiting to see if they can lend a helping hand :) Doubting it.

OK, getting ready for bed, have to take out contacts every night now...inconvenient, but, I'd rather not go blind :)

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