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"Wrong War, Wrong Place, Wrong Time"

So, I watched the debates. I think Kerry did a great job. I think he got his points across and just was finally able to explain himself on his stance on the issues. Bush just kept repeating the same thing over and over and over again. I know, I typed it over and over and over again whilst transcribing as best I could to my buds in #quisp in IRC. "Wrong War, Wrong Place, Wrong Time"
And then...Giuliani repeats it and then acts like, "Oh, well, he was just waffling again. Bush was such a great debater...Oh, excuse me, I'm licking his tonsils I have my head so far up his ass."

I think the Daily Show did the best coverage (as per the usual) and I could see Jon Stewart getting REALLY annoyed with Rudy while he was interviewing him. TDS also did a piece on the "undecideds."

The female correspondent (I can't remember her name, but not Beth Littleton) was like, "Shit or get off the pot! C'mon! Jesus!"

It was great. My sentiments exactly.

Honestly, I can't wait for 11/3.

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