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Oh, man. Saw most of the "debate."
The abortion question just absolutely slayed me, especially when he started in on partial birth abortions and all I could think about was that article I read that kibbles posted about a woman carrying a dead baby and not being able to find anyone to remove said baby. I was weeping reading that article.

Please...not four more years.

In other news, I'm in Orlando for the weekend. Heather and I are going to go look at cheesy tourist traps and what not. Got a pretty sweet deal on a hotel and I only booked this place because they said "internet dataport." Now, I took that to mean high speed connection. No, hook in through the phone line for 75 cents per connection. *sigh* Oh well. Tomorrow's dinner is either at an old friend and his wife's house OR dinner theater. Yes, dinner theater, think Cable Guy. Heather's never been to one...I've told her it's completely cheesy, but she won't listen :)

Ok, time for bed. :)

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