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I scared myself this evening. I was in the car with my parents in the parking lot of a restaurant. We were about to start leaving the parking lot and this car starts backing out and isn't stopping even though we are coming. So, my dad honks the horn. Instead of "Oops!" or a hand wave we are met with, "Shut the fuck up!"

This of course pushes my mother over the edge who starts yelling various expletives and that is met in response with, "Ooohh,I'm so scared!!" and is followed by them peeling out of the parking lot. Now, here's where it gets scary, I could see myself getting out of the car and approaching the driver, grabbing her by the hair and slamming her head into the steering wheel repeatedly until she was unconscious and bleeding. I could picture the bruises forming and the blood pouring from a gash in her forehead.

Now...anyone who knows me knows that I'm all talk and no walk. I'm not violent. I can talk a big game, but...then I turn tail and run.

Yeah, so, I'm a little tweaked.

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