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Gel Beds and the Assholes that Own Them

You know...if you don't want me to come see the damn bed, then fucking call me and tell me you don't want me to see the damn bed. Common courtesy dictates that if you have already sold the bed, then please, for the love of God, before I drive 20 miles out of my way to go look at it. TELL ME THAT IT'S SOLD!

Some explanation is probably necessary. I read an ad in the classifieds that someone was selling a "gel bed" for $150. I thought, "Hmm, sounds cool. I'll call." So, I call, and he tells me that his wife will be in Jupiter around 4 or so, and she will be showing the bed to someone else. I say, okay, I'll call tomorrow to see if it's been sold. He says, "No, give me your number and I'll have her call you when she gets here so that you can go see it too."

I guess he didn't want her driving all the way up there two days in a row. So, I give him my number and go on my way. I am still waiting for them to call. It's almost six. FUCK 'EM!

I don't want their damn gel bed that they did dirty things on. I'll just go buy a new one.
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