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Ahhh...lazy Saturday. Watched Legally Blonde 2. Shut up. Then we watched Saved. Pretty funny. I'm about to go into my room and start cleaning it up. I haven't done anything all damn day long. It's been great. Haven't been in a car. Haven't been chasing children around. Haven't done shit. Woo! I did heat up lunch though from dinner last night. But, I didn't break a sweat, so that was good.
Not much really going on. Just got another thing dumped on me at work. I'm not too happy about that, but we'll see how much it backs me up during the week (probably a lot). Perhaps I should explain.

Every afternoon I have to call the guys and see if they are finished. Now, technically, they are supposed to call me when they are finished, but they just always forget. So, recently, I had told the guys of a meeting on a Thursday afternoon and then reminded them Thursday morning. One guy pitched a fit and said that I hadn't told him, so his entire work schedule was thrown off. I can't remember if I did or not, but I am erring on the side of I did because I told everyone else. So, who knows? As for that guy, he was just being a blowhard, the work schedule went on as usual. *rolls eye* So, I got the job of developing a system of making these guys aware of meetings and classes. Nice, huh? So, I tell the big boss, hey, how about you make these guys come in every Thursday to get their payroll and sign off on a sheet acknowledging that they have read it, know that there is a meeting/class and then they can get their payroll. WOO GREAT IDEA! Later that day..."Here, when you are getting their afternoon time, you need to find out this safety information. Every day." Now...after talking about these guys needing to take responsibility for themselves and their own paychecks I am being told to hold their hands again.
Nothing like lip service.

So, that's my work life, yay!
Now, they are watching the world series. I detest baseball. I also voted today. Absentee ballot is filled out. I researched the amendments on our ballot, looked up candidates and voted voted voted. IT WAS GREAT!! Now...this will all be over soon. I can't wait for it to be over. I am so ready for it to be over. So I can stop listening to everyone scream about how shitty X is over Y and how crappy Y is over X. DONE DONE DONE. Of course, I'll be making arrangements to move to Canada if Bush wins. Crap cell phone plans and all. At least there I can see a doctor for free :)

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