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Boring work ranting and raving, really not at all interesting.

I can totally see why the lady who was here before me was always in a bad mood. I have been in a perpetual state of bad moodiness since I walked in here yesterday and it hasn't let up, except for when I'm at the house, but even then, I get a little ticked off at stupid shit (mainly the immaturity I see in my housemates).
Now, I'm not a perfect person. I fully and freely admit it. I think everyone should fully and freely admit that they are not perfect. But, I feel that I am also not paying lip service to people either. The guys in the field, they have no responsibilities towards me as for reporting their hours worked apparently, and so I should just make shit up, because that is what I wind up doing until they decide that they want to fill me in on where they've been for the past 8 hours or the past 2 days. Whenever it's convenient for them I guess.
Then being told to call an employee who speaks VERY little English when the person wanting to know the information can just as easily call him himself since he speaks Spanish (I mean, I can speak Spanish, but I am not all down with construction Spanish, so I'm at a loss) and he can get the real info from the guys himself. I guess my last resort is talking to the Field Supervisor and have him have a chat with his guys, not that I think that is going to do any good. We'll see.
Christmas is coming up soon. Get the bonus, get the fuck out. I have earned every penny of it. That is why I'm sticking around. I just hope i can last that long...how that lady did it for 3 years is beyond me.

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