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So, I've been a big whiny baby these past few days. I feel terrible. I owe Don an apology for nearly biting his head off on Monday morning when he was trying to be helpful, but I think he'd be more helpful if he would relay my issues with the people upstairs instead of me doing it (I would not be greeted with open arms with any grievances, I am quite sure of this). They already have a low view of me, although I can't figure out why seeing as I've been nothing but nice to them (until I started getting negative vibes) then I became civil. What it all boils down to is common courtesy as far as making the person who answers your phone calls aware of when you are or are not in the building, when you will be taking time off and when you are leaving before the end of the work day for the rest of the day. Common courtesy. I don't want them to joke around with me (mainly because I can barely stomach the minimal contact I do have with them each day, as you have all read before) or discuss politics or whatever. Come in, say good morning, if you so choose (I'm not much of a "Good Morning" person, a nod will suffice) go to your respective offices, let me know when you are at lunch, let me know when you come back and let me know if you leave before end of the workday. TA DA! VIOLA! Easy as pie.

Now, on to happier subjects. Brandi (twins' mom) was approved for food stamps. $258 a month, while not abundant, is a big help for them. She was denied cash assistance and full medical coverage because she makes about $117/month too much. So, in essence, if she were to go to the doctor, her copay would be $117, then they will cover the rest. Joe is still out of the house (I think this is longest it's been this way minus him doing time). But, Brandi may have diabetes. I'm taking her my testing kit this weekend so she can check it for sure. Her mom has one, but the strips are expired, so may give a false reading.

Vera was finally allowed back in my room. I cleaned it up Sunday night :) I had a ton of plastic bags everywhere and she likes to chew on them. Not only is that noise psychosis inducing, but she pukes afterwards, sooooooo, best to just leave her outside. Last night she missed her opportunity to come in the room with me, so I got a full night's sleep again :)

I also found some Pad Thai Noodle sauce. Had some pad thai noodles for dinner. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

So, tomorrow, apologize to Don, clean desk (or make attempt to again), stop checking LJ so religiously throughout the day (that takes up time you know) and salon.com and the new york times and gmail and yahoo mail and uh...oh, yeah, that's it :) I'm tempted to leave the computer off tomorrow, except I have to input work times into Excel, so...there goes that idea. Ok, Sox up are up 1-0 and Scrubs comes on in about 3 minutes. Laters.

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