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Wow. I'm in the hip_domestics community...it is getting bitchy over there, almost to the point where I am thinking of dropping out. It all started when someone posted a way to make cat food for her cat and that it be vegan. But, see, she wasn't very clear in that she meant she would still feed the cat meat, just not evilly harvested meat or something, I have no idea. So, commence sniping.
Now, I have read I think 3 or 4 GO VOTE FUCKERS posts. And so, the bitching begins again. "This is not a political community." "Stop telling me what to do." "I hate tofu." etc.

I think the current moodset of the country should be set to grumpy.

I also saw the doc today, but that's a different post. In the meantime, I'm exhausted, I got a nap today and I'm still pooped. A weekend of little to no sleep will do that to you I guess :)

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