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Nervous breakdowns

I think I had one yesterday. I don't really know what they entail, so maybe it was just a mild one. I just started crying for no reason. I was tired, granted, and just extremely pissed off at the attitude my father gave me. The way he talked to me as if I just sit around all day and just do nothing, I'm so fucking sorry that I'm working six days a week and can't clean up *YOUR* fucking messes. My bad. I'll try harder.

*I* am not the housemaid, I'm not even home enough to make the messes that are created in that damn house. *sigh*

I'm just frustrated. Even with this second job, I'm not making enough to save for my two trips this summer. Well, maybe after I get my bed I'll be able to save. But, the past two "extra" paychecks I've gotten are all gone now. Part of one did go to the vet, so that's understandable. And I'm recouping $50 from my aunt for the advantage that I bought for her dogs. I'm just so tired. Not getting enough sleep, not eating right.

Okay...I'm going to stop whining now. I think I just need a day off. That's what it is. I think this weekend I'll go to Naples, even if I don't, maybe I'll just get out of town, by myself, just go stay in a hotel room somewhere and read or write or something. Or just sleep. Sleepsleepsleep.

Don't be afraid I'm not going to slit my wrists or anything :) I just need a nap.
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