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I'm sure everyone's lists are filled with long winded entries, so I'll cut mine :)

I'm numb. I'm disappointed. I'm sad.

Why are people in my family so blind? Why are people who are my friends so deaf?

There is this part of me that considers a vote for Bush to be treasonous. Obviously, you can't prosecute half the country on charges of treason for doing what they have been given the right to do; vote.

So, not to be too melodramatic, I'd like to say goodbye to civil liberties, privacy, a balanced Supreme Court, clean air, clean water and probably Iraq.

I'd like to say hello to the FBI/CIA/Homeland Security who will start monitoring my phone calls, internet usage and book reading habits. I am tempted to start checking out some crazy shit just to throw them off. :) I'd also like to say hello to another terrorist attack. Because Osama has been able to build quite a huge recruitment to carry out those who are threats to him and his beliefs.

I'd like to congratulate Karl Rove for being a complete douchebag and ruining the country because he couldn't get a date in high school because he's such a big dweebazoid. I'd also like to thank Dick Cheney for eating puppies and bathing in their blood in order to appease his dark Lord. I'd like to thank the right wing talking heads for perpetuating the myth that thinking is a bad thing and if you view things other than black and white you are an intellectual elitist who hugs queers and gives god fearing xtians the AIDS while stealing their babies to give to those queers who just got a hug and who practice communism while drinking lattes.

I won't rip on the wal-mart culture, because I'm sure that there are some Kerry supporters who shop/work there because their job got shipped off to India, but not before they had to train their replacements. So, thanks current administration for that. I'd also like to thank them for making it more difficult for my cousin to get health care for her children through the state because she can't afford to carry insurance for them, let alone for herself. Thanks for letting it take about 9 months for them to get their 12 month old shots (see, they were already past due when they got them) because she couldn't afford to get them on her own and didn't have insurance through her job because she only works part time because that's all that is available to her at something over minimum wage.

Thanks guys. We love it. Thanks for getting soldiers killed. Thanks for making me a little bit afraid that my cousins are going to be called back up to return or for the first time to go serve this country for a crazed administration's bloodlust and desire for world domination.

I want to thank everyone who voted for Bush/Cheney for further making us the "hated Americans." Because, in office, is one of the least curious men to run this office. He probably didn't even want to run again, but did it because, hey, I got nothing better to do and why the hell not? I get lots of attention and adulation because I'm just so groovy. And the world travel is great! Besides, I'm entitled because I'm a Bush.

I think I'm just losing my place here...I don't know what I'm typing anymore, I just know that I can't focus on anything and I am numb and want to curl in a ball and sleep for four years so I don't have to see or hear any of this anymore.

On the bright side, I can get a shirt that says, "Don't blame me, I voted for Kerry"

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