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Just a couple of things:

Made strawberries and whipped cream last night. Strawberries were on special at the grocery store, so I thought that would be tasty. I got some heavy whipping cream, confectioner's sugar and a smidge of vanilla...voila! whipped cream that tasted better than cool whip! And...I know what's in it. So, that was a fun dessert.

Book meme:
Go to page 23, go to line 5, type the text:
"...on page 48."
From Motorola i860 handbook :) (Nextel phone user's guide) Yep, that's the only book I had available to me at this time.

Ok, let's see, I need to call the parks department (I'll do that now...ok, did that...too late to rent...crap) So, we'll have our work cut out for us...and...no grills except in those rented facilities. So, it's going to be a buffett of delights from the local deli, should be fun times! :)

Now...other stuff. I am so tired of this whole red state/blue state bullshit. Yes, I live in a red state, however, that's a nice simplistic view of the state as a whole. I hail from a very blue county...and you know what...i am getting tired of referring to myself a dweller of a red state or a blue state. I'm just getting tired of hearing from the dems/liberals/progressives/whatevers that we need to heal YOU STUPID REDNECK FUCKERS. Ahh, don't you love the smell of contradiction? I won't say hypocrisy because I can understand there being some time needed to soothe the anger, but, c'mon, by villifying 3/4 of the country? KNOCK IT THE FUCK OFF!

Let me explain the 3/4 number: It was not 3/4 of the people who voted for that guy (allegedly), but those states ultimately went in his direction (allegedly) so I say of the country because those of us who voted for the "blue" guy go beat out (allegedly) but the majority of those in their red state. Yeah...shhh...look...shiny...

I'm getting a lot of crap caught up at work. So that's fun. I'm cleaning out file cabinets and trying to make sense of everything that she left behind.

I fell at work yesterday and caught myself with my left arm/wrist and my right knee. My knee is fine, but I am really sore in my left pit region and wrist. Like I've been working out on that one side. Not fun, but, whatever, I can deal.

You may be confused by the earlier ramblings about the park, we are having a party for the twins' 2nd birthday! Woo! Babies!

Yeah, I need to get back to work now.

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