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I am a member of the daily show community (one of many I'm sure) and someone just posted a little off topic thing that one of her classmates said about anti-homosexual. Now, it's all well and good to be anti-homosexual. Please, feel free, if that's what you want to do. As long as you don't beat anyone up for walking hand in hand in the street with someone of the same sex, think whatever you want, I'm not the thought police. The reasons he gave for being anti-gay marriage infuriated me.
It pisses me off that marriage and civil union have gotten blurred together. I think that is the biggest thing that people are misunderstanding. Everyone enters into a civil union when they get "married." You have to file for a license, get it notarized/signed by a judge and two witnesses, whatever. You can choose to have your union sanctified by the church. My parents didn't do that. My mom wouldn't convert to Catholicism. That was a big thing for her. She didn't believe in the tennants of the Catholic church and so would not convert, pissed his mom off, but hey! she stood up for her beliefs! Go mom! (It is one of the things that I can respect her for. I should mention that to her this weekend maybe.) My mom is a southern baptist, btw.
So, I was raised Catholic to appease my grandmother and that was fine for my mom. She even went to mass! She couldn't take communion though, and that sometimes go to her, because it seemed so exclusionary to her and that's what made her sad/mad.
Anyways, I've gone off topic (big shocker), so this guy just gave these half assed arguments that hold no merit or have no proof. Next thing you know, he's saying that the horrid pop culture of today (reality tv, janet's boobie, hollywood feature films) would be validated if gay marriage were allowed.
Here's the thing. No one is saying that a church has to sanctify the union. We (being the gov't) can't regulate churches (with the exception of financial issues, it's true, we really can't, well...that and if they are amassing a huge arsenal).
So, yeah. I got distracted and now I don't know what I'm talking about, so I'll move on to something else.
Went to Tarjay, got Mulan and Shrek 2. I need to get one more awning/canopy thingie for the party on Saturday, and I went to a Target that is a bit closer to the house, but they didn't have any, so I went to the one where I got this one originally, but...the garden center was closed. I was NOT going to leave emptyhanded :)

I'm pretty stoked about this party on Saturday, should be fun times. Oh yeah, rant continuing...now. So, those who are all afraid that gay people having kids (who would otherwise have NO home) or getting "married" will destroy our society, I want them to take a step back and look and see who is destroying our society. Corporations who have run amok with greed destroying the environment while looking for the next dollar, that have destroyed small downtowns with huge box stores (this I say after shopping at Target, trust me, around here, there is no where else to go...it's that or walmart, I am not buying a canopy at $400 at a patio store for a one time event). Instead of trying to appease writers of shows, going more for reality tv because it's cheaper production...and who needs writers anyways?
Can't produce that indie film...too...realistic, no one will dig it. Market share isn't big enough. What's wrong with greed? Everything. BIGGER BIGGER BIGGER.
feh, keep it.
Do what you want. Just don't bother me when you do it. I can ALMOST get behind the smoking ban in restaurants by going along with this line of thought. It bothered other people. Makes sense. :)
I'm rambling at this point. I shall spare you anymore.

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