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Ahhh...Wednesday. Not usually day of hell, but it came damn close. Work was the usual pain in the ass. Found out the princess and the choad bought a boat yesterday. Not after work like most NORMAL people would attend to their business, no, during work hours. 2 hour lunch. Nice.
I am going home tomorrow afternoon to be with the fam. I am going to Bobbie's mom's house first to help her attempt to set up her network. I hope I don't screw it up more than it already is :)
Then I'll begin my drive to WPB. I just hope I get there in enough time before the kids leave. Friday I think will be spent burning CDs for the happymix cd project. Should be fun. Also, see if Dave can assist me with making a DVD of the kids halloween and 2nd birthday. :)

Watched Frontline that we'd tivoed last night. It was on the credit card industry. Very interesting, what was even more interesting was watching educated people not know that paying only the minimum is bad. So sad. "Oh, I didn't know that. If they told me how long it would take to pay off, I would probably pay more every month and that's why they aren't telling me."

Well, it would stand to reason that if you paid extra on your mortgage every month, then you would pay it off faster, non?

Idiots. I'M A VICTIM!


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