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Thanksgiving was fun. It was nice to surprise everyone. The twins were hilarious. I walked in the door and people were all, "Hey! You made it! Woo!" and they started jumping up and down because they saw everyone getting excited. It was sweet.
Had some food, it was tasty like it always is when my grandfather and uncle cook. The pie was most excellent and someone brought apple crisp. mmmm

Played some trivial pursuit, the 90s edition. Could NOT figure out how I kept getting these hard ass questions on wedgie squares. My uncle was finding hard questions on purpose. Nice, huh? Sheesh, some people just can't accept defeat gracefully. So, I lost, Heather won. I spent way too much money on Friday. Got a new mouse, that was fun. It's wireless. My parents and I were at Circuit City and they were asking me all these questions about photo printers. I kind of caught on and told them that I didn't want one. I prefer to just go to Walgreen's and have them print them out for me. It works out to about the same amount of money and I can pick up other things I need and get my film done too. How cool is that?
I find out from Heather later, they were thinking of getting me one. Glad I nipped that in the bud. They tried to play it cool, "Oh, we were just wondering about them is all. Doot de doo." Suuuuure. I told them that if they insist on getting something kind of big ticket, get me the Sirius satellite stuff. I would like that. So, let's all cross our fingers, k?

I laid low for the most part this weekend. Went out with Dave and his mom and heather on Saturday to a music store, got Bruce McCollough's album YAY!! and some Bela Fleck...never heard him before, let's hope it's good. And that Pearl Jam album with "Daughter" on it. SHUT UP! Then we went to Super Happy Eat All Day China Buffet. The crab rangoon wasn't very good. I was sad. I was only able to eat one plate and a bowl of wonton soup. I seem to get gastrointestinal issues when I go home.

Ok, I need to clean this room up, so I can at least sleep in the bed tonight.

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