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Friday Night and I ain't got nobody, I got some money 'cause I just got paid

Lovely week at work. /sarcasm
I think Don likes to see me get agitated. I won't go into details, it's just too ridiculous for me to type out all over again.
Bobbie discovered that her message log was on at work. She doesn't remember turning it on, and I didn't do it, so uh...who did?
It's been on for 2 weeks. She turned it back off and cleared out all the message logs, we weren't very um, nice, in those logs. There was also talk of xmas bonuses and speculation of how much we might be getting. Yeah...real good. *sigh*
So, she is going to be checking periodically to see if it gets turned back on again. I'm going camping next weekend.
My wrist really hurts, I slammed my toe into the underdash of bobbie's car this afternoon trying to get away from a bug. It hurts. My cell phone is ridiculous this month all of the charges having been levied from the switchover to the new plan. Luckily, it's not completely due until next week, so I did a partial payment today and I'll do another one on Friday.
School's done. Now, to focus on moving. :)
Nothing else much going on in life right now. Need some sleep, but that's about it.

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