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Last night I watched a few movies. A Day Without A Mexican, Once Upon A Time In Mexico and then Eddie Izzard's Unrepeatable.
Day w/o a Mexican: pretty good. Interesting concept, I really enjoyed it.
Once Upon a Time: Mostly in Spanish, which I was very happy with. Even better, I understood most of it. Enrique Iglesias is in it, that's a downfall, but Johnny Depp is in it which is a plus. Interesting "plot twists" but, honestly, the best part of that whole movie was in the special features watching Robert Rodriguez cook a meal. Um, I got really...excited...watching that. Yeah, so, if you just want mindless entertainment, that's a good one. And to brush up on your Spanish. Although, some of the subtitles were a little off, but, that could just be regional dialect thing or something.
Eddie Izzard's Unrepeatable: the sound was mixed terribly, so sometimes you are straining to understand him, but, it's funny nonetheless, the Star Trek bit at the end is HILARIOUS.
The Terminal: I know it's not on that list, but we watched that Friday night. I was pleasantly surprised, it was a good flick. Tom Hanks does a passable Russian accent and is, of course, just an endearing character. Catherine Zeta isn't in it too much which adds to the appeal :) I would recommend it as well.

I got my $100 from my Monopoly money win. Yay! I went to McDonald's one day out of desperation to get something resembling food in my stomach and they were still doing Monopoly. So, I peel off the little game pieces and got like St. Charles or something, which I throw away and then peel the other off and won $100!! So, I got that, which came just in time since I spent quite a bit at Tarjay yesterday. I am depositing that in the bank tootsweet and then I get to go to CVS to print out some photos for the Ferris Wheel photo frame I got at Tarjay for Brandi and Denica's xmas present. I know they will love it. I also need to convert the videos I took to DVD so that they can have that as well.

I also need to clean up this room. Go through CDs, copy songs I want and then sell them to Spec's or some such. Have to minimize minimize minimize. April, I asked Chris and he said it was okay if I shipped some stuff to your place until I get there. As long as that's okay with you too. Mostly gonna be books. :) Yes, I'm going to purge and sell to used bookstore, but I can't be without some of them. You understand I'm sure.

Ok, time to start cleaning.

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