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More office supply drama *rolls eyes*
I heart Amy's Organic Cheese Enchiladas. They r0x0rz my s0x0rz.
I am getting tons of shit done today, mainly because Don caught me playing spider solitaire. OOPS!!
So I am trying extra hard to get EVERYTHING all caught up so that tomorrow I will be Miss Nothing To Do, at least until Payroll comes in, then I will have TONS to do (I am beginning to dread Thursdays).

Friday is when I start camping adventure. Fun. I am mostly excited because I get to wear my watchcap that has NIN embroidered on it with rainbow toe socks. I am so weird. It's great, non?

Right now some guys came in to fill out applications. I always hate this part of the day, throws a wrench in stuff, it's true, it does. Just sharing. And sometimes...they are stinky, but, today, these guys aren't stinky, so that's good :)

Back to work before Don gets back and yells at me for playing with LJ :D

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