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Crapathon 2004

Gah, Launchcast is playing like a string of crap "rock" like Switchfoot, Yellowcard, Nickelback. You know, interchangeable bands, kind of like mix and match bathing suits.
Ahh..here we go, hit skip enough, you get something decent (NP: Hayseed Dixie - Highway to Hell).
I am sooooo bored at work right now, I've done all my work, I'm just waiting for Don to get the paychecks so that I can work on getting that into the system and that should keep me occupied for at least until 4:00 p.m. (4:30 if I get distracted).
I sold 23 CDs today at Spec's, made $77 woo!! I wound up keeping my DSOTM cd because they were only going to give me $1 for it and I decided that I would just keep it. It was the first Pink Floyd album I ever bought. They also wouldn't take my "Classics Go To The Movies" cd set (only worth one cent apparently), ah well, if I have to, I can yard sale it for $3 or something (for the 5-cd set).
Still, this bodes well for the remaining 50 or so CDs that I have back at my house in WPB. Most of those I'm ready to part with, so it's not a huge issue.
My friend that works in a record store mentioned that the early NIN albums are out of print (those on the TVT label) so, I will probably try and sell those via eBay, just for the few extra dollars, every little bit helps after all.
My desk is beautifully clear, I cleaned it all off today. I have absolutely nothing to do, as I have done it all, having shaped up yesterday and finished everything up. Although, I guess I could start a job file audit. Eh, next week, I have a feeling it's going to continue to be this slow.

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