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Dirty Hippies and Dirty Bikers can indeed live as one

I'll just cut now, to save your friends page :)

So, I arrived Friday afternoon around 3 or 3:30 to find Heather sleeping off Thursday night's excesses. Good times :) I unloaded into my tent and then we went to Palatka (heretofore known as "town") to get a few more supplies for the weekend. It's like a 20 mile drive, 8 of which are over sugar sand dirt road. FUN! So, we go into town and Jeff calls her and tells her that they still need some Pabst Blue Ribbon because the keg fell through. Yes, you read that right...PABST...BLUE...RIBBON. Egad. So, Heather and I begin the search. I got to see MD 20/20 for the first time ever, it's very colorful. Also saw some Cisco. No Night Train or Thunderbird, that was a little sad. So, left that store, for while they had a shit ton of Schlitz (in the can of course) not one drop of PBR. So, wound up at the ABC Liquor store, they had 3 cases and we had gotten a case from the Winn Dixie, so we decided four cases was enough and went back to camp.
We unload the beer, go back to camp to get ready for dinner, I grabbed my NIN watchcap (it's so pretty!) and a cup for which to have a beer (got some Icehouse, which I haven't had in a LOOOOONG time, so it was nice). We had Tuna Au Poivre, peppered flank steak, green beans with tomatoes, and CHOCOLATE MACADAMIA NUT cookies. Mmmmmmmm. Went back to camp to eat and then I changed into my jammies and put on my blue toe socks with a little star on the toe. So cute! Went great with my NIN cap. I'm a contradiction folks, it's true. Apparently everyone fell in love with the toe socks. Weirdos.
So, we hung out Friday night, looked at the stars, and talked to people who wandered into our campsite. Our fire was undoubtedly one of the best fires in the camp and so we got lots of visitors. Too bad they didn't offer prizes, non?
There was a band, but I was a little tired, so I went to lie down in my tent and was almost asleep when this lady came over and started talking about how she just wanted to see the stars. LOUDLY. I wanted to shout out of the tent, then go look at the fucking stars already and shut the fuck up. But, I didn't, and I had to pee anyways, so I went to the bathhouse (there was a portapotty close by, but, uh, yeah, I don't DO portapotties) to go and when I got back, she was gone, thank god, because I probably would have throttled her. So, I wound up staying up until about 4 in the morning. That was okay, got to spend some more time with my uncle and Heather and this kid whom I shall call Tall Boy (I have forgotten his name).
I watched them play poker for a bit and finally had my lay down around 4 a.m.

Saturday morning I awoke to groovy hashbrown casserole, link sausages and sausage biscuits. Mmm. And a cold cup of coffee, but that was okay, it was caffeine. Heather and I hung around the campfire for a bit and then we buggered off to take hot showers. It was cooling down quite a bit, so I wanted to shower before it got really too cold to have wet hair. I felt more human after that. I went and laid down for a while because I had a slamming headache that the breve I made wouldn't get rid of. Yes, I said breve. Someone brought a freaking espresso maker!! AWESOME! Fortunately, I had bought some half and half whilst in town on Friday, so I was able to partake of a lovely espresso drink. I realized, headache from sitting in front of a campfire all day that is blowing smoke in my face because the wind kept changing direction. Duh! Hello smoke inhalation. So, getting away for a bit helped A LOT. Then it was dinner time, got some potatoes (red boiled, muy bueno), roast pork and some bread. So good. So hungry. I had had lunch earlier in the day (microwave burritos), but apparently, I was hungrier than I thought. So, that was fun. Then we just hung around the fire some more and then I decided to go hang by this other guy's fire for a bit because no one had really been up that way to visit since they were so far out from everyone else. We had fun, just chillin' and talkin' and then we went to watch the play that they were putting on, but these freaking kids were being brats and kind of ruined it. Then 2 streakers went by, one of each. I missed the dude, well, because I was fiddling with the camera to get ready to shoot the next skit, I always miss the good stuff. Saw the chick run by. Gee, how great for me. :)
So, then we went back to this guy's camp and hung out there, watched this one kid who was camping with them go streaking. We nicknamed him buttons...it was REALLY COLD...you catch my drift, non? Made some s'mores when the kid came back and then we got our hands on some copper wire and watched that burn for a bit. It makes the most beautiful colors. We listened to Boards of Canada while we watched it burn. Nice soundtrack for it. I was sober too when we watched it, so I wonder what it would have been like if I was effed up, probably still pretty and interesting. So, finally, it was time to go back to my camp, getting late and all that jazz, so these 3 people had walked over to where we were but, this one guy, Tall Boy, was too cold to walk back so I said I'd give him a ride (I had driven over there, for that exact reason, it was too fucking cold to walk). So, we're in the car and we're just chatting and he asks where my old man is. I tell him that I don't have one. "Man, why not? I mean, sometimes you gotta have someone for a little something." and I tell him, "Well, I got two hands, so I'm okay." and he replies (wait for it...)"I got two hands too, let's see what we can do with all four."

Do you know how hard it was not to crack up? EXTREMELY. I turned him down. Later that night I regretted the decision, my feet were really cold. Dammit. I'll know for next year, *makes note to self* take offers for sex, because they will probably pass out anyways due to drunken stupor and you will have instant heater for feet. Sunday I packed up and got out of dodge around noon time. Heather and I stopped at a restaurant in Silver Springs to get served and not have to cook a meal on a little propane stove or open flame. It was very warm in there too. So, whoever wants to come for next year let me know, it's actually a really good time. Just bring your warm socks and a jacket.

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