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I'm just waiting on some aluminum foil so that I can ship off my hard drive to www.gillware.com
It's the cheapest I've found so far, and if they can't recover the data, then they don't charge, which is just fine with me. It's only $250, so that is good too. It'll probably run me about $300 after shipping and media costs (for cds or dvds). Much better than $1000 or so.
I should have my car back today, but I have to take it back later to get the rest of it put back on (the door moulding). I almost wish they would just keep it and I would get a rental. I can't afford all that though. Dangit.

OK, back to pretending to work. :D I also need to call HP and have them send me out a new hard drive, get that taken care of before my warranty runs out. MERRY EFFING XMAS.

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