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This local guy from CompUSA called me back today, so I've taken my drive to him. I need to make Gillware aware of this so that they aren't all, "Uh, dude, where's your drive?"
So, that's good. If he can't get the data, then I guess I will just give up the ghost and suck it up and be more responsible about backing up my system.
My car should HOPEFULLY be ready tomorrow. It depends on whether or not the part comes in. I don't really want to drive around with a piece of my car missing.
Had a bit of a heart to heart with Heather on AIM today. She was telling me pretty much to put up or shut up and get out there and meet people. Gah! I like being reclusive...sometimes. It does get lonely though.
Maybe I'll go for a long walk this weekend. Go to Koreshan or something. I did feel a little better today though. One of the people who was at the camping trip this past weekend, he is apparently VERY shy around women. But, he talked to me quite normally. Hell, he even touched my foot. Not in any dirty fetishist way, he was just enamored of my toe socks. He thought they were the "coolest thing ever." Yeah...anyways. So, it was nice to know that I made him feel comfortable enough to just talk or whatever. I didn't push him or anything, if he felt like talking, he could talk. I was just happy to sit and stare at the campfire (fire trance, so awesome!).

Yeah, so, apparently I'm so really nice, smart, funny person that everyone loves. *rolls eyes* Just so you know, I am NOT fishing for compliments. I actually don't really like them, I don't know how to take them. Let's hope the guy can get the data. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!

My car is handled, I just kind of want it for the weekend, but I guess it wouldn't be so bad to not have it, non? I'll just have to walk places. Maybe I'll walk over to the pawn shop and see if they have a bike for cheap. :)

Allright, I am either going to read about the working poor or watch dodgeball

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