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I got my car back today! Yay! My boss paid my deductible so all is well. So, that's happy, but I think I need an alignment, I'm going to ask my dad when I see him next weekend. It's kind of nice, this whole new windshield thing. All the old decals are gone. Yay! No more hospital parking sticker!!

Hard drive news: the guy couldn't get the info. So, I have one more guy to see, recommended by one of the estimators. He's being really nice lately. I'm a little freaked. :D So, I'm going to get my drive back tonight and then get the number for this other guy on Monday and hopefully, this guy can do something, otherwise...I'm fucked. Have to start from scratch with my checkbook and with my pictures and music files and everything. I mean, music is easily gotten from searching around on the web and all, but dammit. I probably had like a gig of song files. *sob* Let's just hope, shall we?

Brandi got day care!! So, now she gets to look for a job. What's funny is that if you want to go to classes for your GED (which she does not have) they will not provide you with day care. Uhhh...ok? Nothing like helping people get off the system, eh? So, I told her to get the book from the library and study it in the evenings or whatever and then just sign up for the test. We'll see, I'll work her over a bit more over Christmas Day.

Christmas Eve is at my Aunt Gloria's, we are having Mexican food for dinner this year. It's usually the traditional stuff, but this year she is making enchiladas with chorizo, tamales and my Aunt Betty is bringing homemade flour tortillas. *drool* I have some mariachi music that I am going to bring for them and my Aunt Gloria has some too. Yay! Also, my cousin Vincent should be coming over too, so that's awesome, I get to hang with my cuz. I miss him. I only talk to him once in a blue moon, but he's a good guy, I like his stories about his time in the Air Force, he got to go to Italy...the bastard. We get along great, we used to be really close, but then I went to college and he went into the air force, so, we lost touch. He's like three years older than me. Such an old man. :) Usually, we go out to a bar and he drinks and I drive. It works out wonderfully.

I'm going to be helping Bobbie clean the house tomorrow and probably helping her make buckeyes and stuff. I think I am going to go for a long walk tomorrow too. The weather is really nice right now for outdoor activities, so that could work well. I may walk to the pawn shop and see if they have a bicycle for cheap. I think I already said that, but I just love to repeat myself. Over and over and over again :)

Ok...off to wait for dude to call me with my drive so I can go pick it up from him. Bobbie bought the Gourmet Cookbook as a gift for this chick Sarah who is getting married next year. It's a bridal shower gift. I am listening to her read some of the recipes, my mouth is watering. Yum! Good stuff, it's got like 1400 recipes in it. Most of them sound really good, except for the ones with avocados or mangoes, those just suck. :D


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