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Oy! Busy busy busy. Got the files done for next year (just the invoice files and what not) per Don's request. Called in the payroll, reminded him a day too late to pay the sales tax...apparently it was my fault for NOT reminding him VERBALLY on Friday and was a cop out to just write it on his calendar. I swear to deity, this dude is nuts!
I apparently, am also the walking user guide for cell phones in this joint. I have been asked so many freaking tech questions it's ridiculous. I finally just took the user manual upstairs and said, "Have at it." I swear. We should be getting our bonuses this week. Bobbie asked me to do a telepathic mantra of "Bobbie gets $1500, Bobbie gets $1500." I told her I'd do my best, but I kept getting distracted today. I also need to call and change addresses on the charge cards. They won't let ME do it, only the big boss, but they'll tell me the balance info and what is owed and when it is due and all that. Makes sense, non? So, I think I will fax their customer service departments with letterhead telling them to change the address. That way they can think it was BB who did it. Yay! Let's see if it works.
Then I get to order some leather holsters and car chargers from an aftermarket place and some business cards for the new estimator and then...i'm done. I have nothing. So, today is hair cut and tomorrow is mani and pedi.

I can't wait to get out of here for 3 days. WOO!!

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