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Back to the grind

Had a great evening on Christmas Eve, about died laughing listening to my little cousins sing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus. My dad said he walked right into the middle of that one and wished I was with him in the dining room so he could see my face. See, they all know I'm a heathen, so it's all good. The enchiladas were spectacular. I was very sad that I only got 2 flour tortillas for my meat and potatoes and rice and beans. They were damn good though. Then, one of my little cousins brings me and my cousin Vincent a present each and we both tear into them to find..."Finishing Touch Hair Removers." We kind of looked at each other and started laughing. He wanted to trade because the pictures on mine were of lady parts and his was all dudes. But, I said no. :)
Amada gave everyone a Lotto ticket, I need to check my numbers, my dad got 4 out of 6 numbers, so that's like $60! WOO! It was really great just hanging out with everyone, practicing my Spanish with Aunt Ramona, listening to her and my Aunt Mary trying to get me married off *rolls eyes* and then listening to everyone tell Vincent that they had this girl he JUST HAD TO MEET! Poor guy.
I got a call from Heather later that night and went over to Dave's apartment where she was dog sitting and wrapped presents for my parents, Joe and the twins. My mom and I braved the mall on Xmas eve...it was scary. I got Joe (the twins' father) a warm jacket and some cords from American Eagle Outfitters, the stuff was on clearance for $20/piece, what a bargain! Jeff got the twins a karaoke machine...*shakes head* so, he asked me if I could get them some CDs. Hence, my travels to the netherworlds. *shudder*
So, wrapped the gifts at Dave's place and when I walked in, Heather thrusts a gift at me from Dave and his mom. "OPEN IT, IT'S DRIVING ME NUTS TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHAT IT IS!"
It was hilarious. I opened the card first to further her torture to find a CD of a Heart ROIO and some other stuff on there that I had asked Dave to burn for me and some GCs to Dunkin' Donuts...mmmmm. SO, then, I tore into the package and it was a lovely smelling candle. The noise? Green jingle bells surrounding it. HAHAHAHAH!!! She was dying when she saw that.
Then I gave Heather a book she had asked for, "Lolita" by Nabokov. I didn't wrap it because I didn't intend it to be a gift, just she asked for it, so, I got it for her. So, then, she hands me a wrapped present. After I finished beating her, because we said that we weren't going to exchange gifts...*sigh* I opened it, and it was a double feature of the Ewok Adventures! I remember watching Battle for Endor when I was a kid, THESE were the Star Wars movies that I loved, the battle for endor!!! woo!! I was so excited, because, hey, I wore that tape out when I was a kid. I also wore out the King and I. I loved the dance scene before they bring back that one girl and tell her that her love is dead. So sad. Anyways. So, that was fun.
Xmas morning, we got up early because she had to go make breakfast for her sisters back at her place and so, I returned to my house thinking my parents would be awake. No. Not until about 11 a.m. *sigh* Usually I was the one who slept in, this year, they turned the tables. I felt their pain.
FINALLY!! PRESENTS!!! My mom got me quite the assortment of costume jewelry, there is cute stuff in there, including...a slap bracelet watch! woo! My mom wouldn't let me have a slap bracelet when I was a kid, so I entertained myself for about 15 minutes just smacking myself. I also got a GC to Best Buy for my Sirius Radio and a GC to B&N for whatever I want (I think I might use that to get Monty Python and the Holy Grail on DVD). I gave my dad a moss green 'hand loomed' braided throw. That thing was pretty warm, I was a little jealous of it. :) I got my mom so No Crack Hand Cream that April had recommended, my mom says it feels pretty good. We also got my dad Spiderman 2, which is funny, because we stayed late xmas eve at my aunt's house because he was watching it with my uncle, and my mom was wondering if it would ruin xmas if we told him he had it at home so we could go and go to bed. ;) My mom got him some cologne and aftershave. He got her some more Chloe (standard gift for her) and a GC to Lane Bryant. Then we watched tv for a bit, and then they both took naps, and I went to my room and cleaned out my closet. That was kind of nice, just "Eh, get rid of it." There were a few shirts that I couldn't part with, like my Southern Culture on the Skids tee and my Roger Waters concert tee. Some things...you just need to keep :)
This weekend I'll probably get some boxes and start packing books up to ship out. I'm not looking forward to this...I hate packing WITH A PASSION. Everything has become so comfy in its positions, I hate to disturb it. And the dust. :)
Oh, yeah, so, after all of that, we went to my grandfather's house for prime rib...mmmmmmmmmm That was some good stuff I tell ya. I made Brandi open her birthday gift when she got there, I got her some Nautica. She was quite happy with that. We all hung about for a bit, my dad was there too, which was great. He hasn't been to a family gathering for my mom's side for a few years, he can't handle the cigarette smoke. So, we all had a good time, I got to be the disciplinarian for the twins during the meal, giving brandi a break for a while, and trying to battle Denica, as she was just giving it to whatever Skyler wanted. Such a no no. Sidney was practically a little angel through the whole meal. However, they both have the bad habit of getting down and then wanting back up for more food after about 10-15 minutes. Any thoughts on that people with kids or who have raised children?
Heather came over a bit after dinner, and then...the present orgy began. The twins being the kids, of course, got the most gifts. My mom got them some flash cards and little board books. I got them their winter clothes and another cute outfit each and 2 cd packs for the karaoke machine. Heather got them some DVDs that were not Elmo related, to give Nica and Brandi a break :) Then, Brandi opened the gift from me. It was a Ferris Wheel type photo frame, with three holders for six pictures. She opened the box and it was on the picture of my grandpa and sidney washing their hands. She started crying. Yep, I made her cry, and I didn't even have to pull her hair! So, that was fun and stuff. She recovered quickly, thank goodness and then we all just hung out for a bit. The kids had fun putting little stars all over the dog. I'll be posting the pics soon to Yahoo or some other webspace if I can get some. Ok, I've bored you enough I think. I know I didn't write about everything, because I am a bit distracted right now. I need to be a bit more focused to get all my thoughts out, so, that's a different post for another time.
:) :)

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