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So, last night, got my Sirius radio receiver. It either runs off your cigarette lighter or you can get it hardwired. So, obviously, I want it hard wired, because I gotta charge my cell phone all the time :) Went to Best Buy early this afternoon, but the guys were on lunch, so I asked if I could make an appointment, they won't make appointments until Thursday. I'm going to try and sneak out of here early and then go back over there and see if they can get me in today, otherwise, I'll go over to Circuit City and see if they can sneak me in. I called this one place that is right by work, but they only install XM radios. WTF? MUST HAVE SOMEONE INSTALL THIS MOFO!! :)
I've been looking at my money for right now, and if I play this right, I may be able to get to AZ by mid-February. Hopefully I can get my tax refund right around then. This weekend I'm going to be doing some serious packing and shipping. I wonder if the post office is open on Saturday...I doubt it...so, maybe on Friday evening, otherwise, I have to find a way to do it on Monday. I want to start this ASAFP.
I've been getting more of the silent treatment today. You know, at first it was cute. Now it's annoying me. So, I need to center my chi and just like, go with the flow. I guess if we need to play this game, then that's what I have to do. Soon, I shall be gone...bwahahahaha.
I feel bad for ditching Bobbie, but, I'll get the URL info from Angelica and see if Bobbie would like to go browsing through there for a job. They have health insurance. To me, that alone is worth a job switch, plus, I think they pay more. :D

Time to start seriously looking for apartments and jobs. Start posting resumes and what not. I need to pare my down quite a bit, I have had way too many jobs and lots of experience. Oy vey.
Ok, back to work, I want to get this data entry done so I can leave early.

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