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Happy New Year!!!

Yes, it's like 2 days early, but I don't think I'll be taking my computer to West Palm this weekend, just leave it at the house. I'm all crazy careful with it right now. :)
I can't remember half the URLs that I had in my bookmarks, and that makes me sad. I refuse to go tromping through TONS of memories in these other communities to get the bookmarks either. I will just have to get over it. Besides, it's not like I ever went to those damn sites anyways (note to self, add in The Editing Room to those URLs, http://ter.air0day.com, not that it ever gets updated anyways). I guess one good thing is that since I use web based email, I didn't have to worry about losing those files :)

The choad came into work packing heat today, so that's fun. Nothing like knowing the moron has a glock in his pocket just upstairs. With my luck, he'd shoot himself in the foot and the bullet would kill me after coming through the floor. Dumbass. He bought it with his bonus money. Nice. Hate these people.

The best was Tuesday afternoon. I left work early, and told the princess that her sister was bringing her old phone and to swap the sim cards in the phones because the handset wasn't working for this other guy. So, she leaves me a note that I find Wednesday morning, "I swapped the sim cards. One of the phones seems to be dead. (battery)" Now...I have a charger plugged in right here next to my desk. She has one upstairs in her office. Why it didn't occur to her to charge the phone is beyond me. I plugged it in when I saw the note and then had to give it the guy headed to that worksite about 30 minutes later, so, it didn't get to charge too much which led to his battery dying about an hour after he got his phone back. So, the icing on that cake, he gets a hold of a phone to call me and give me the hours for his guys and then tells me an order of supplies that he needs which I pass on to her highness. About 30-45 minutes later, she asks me how to reach this guy, "You don't. His battery is dead."
"Oh, he didn't leave a number?"
"Nope, he was using someone else's cell phone. Then he was heading home. I don't have either number."
"*sigh* Ok."
See, if you had just charged the battery instead of expecting me to do it...this probably wouldn't have happened. *rolls eyes*
So, yeah, that was work yesterday in a nutshell. I got my satellite radio installed. Wound up at Circuit City, it was about $20 cheaper, so that's good. I'm very excited about this 3 day weekend.
I think I might take a peek back at my entries for this year, and perhaps, if you are all lucky, I'll do a little end of the year retrospective. ARen't you excited? WOO!!

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