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Hello 2005, how are you?
I'll just cut now, I feel like pontificating.

So, because I'm too lazy to actually go back and look at my journal entries for the year, I'll just you know, like, try to remember or something. I know the beginning of the year brought me to Ft. Myers where I was unemployed for a month. That kind of sucked. And, it looks as if I'll probably be repeating that whole thing with the big move this year. More on that later. I started working for a small company where I got no benefits except that *I* did payroll, so I could pretty much pay myself whatever I wanted, and so, I did, 45 hours a week at $13 an hour = $500 bring home. WOO! I was pretty stoked by that. :) Then, Don decides that's too much, and throws me on salary, effectively losing me $25/wk take home. But, hey, that's ok, I can deal with that, no big deal. And I've made it work, got my bills down to practically nothing, so woo! Rock on.
This is also the year that I discovered the school I was going to was a complete waste of my time, but I soldiered on for the financial aid overage to pay for a cruise I would wind up not going on. Why not? Because it was the year of 4 hurricanes in Florida. The first, the loveable Charley. Ahh, Charley, he who made us lose power for 3 days. That's ok, for we "evacuated" to Bobbie's mom's house where central air and refrigeration awaited us. Yay! Upon returning to the homestead to gather clothing to go to work the next day, Bobbie and Josh discovered the power was back on, HURRAH! Exactly one month later, Frances swept through the east coast of Florida starting the destruction of my parents' back porch and leaving them without power or running water for about 10 days. I got off much better than they did. Frances also resulted in me being a one woman Red Cross and bringing supplies left over from our hurricane experience and some Spam (ew) that was purchased in a grocery store. With a car packed full of supplies, I hurried to WPB across state road 80 (the highways were packed) and feeling a bit dumb, as all of the traffic was coming in the opposite direction. Yeah, that makes you feel REAL smart. I rescued Dave and his dog, Dax, from the evil that was approaching and brought him to safety here in Ft. Myers where we all proceeded to play board games, listen to Magma and flip between 4 cable news channels to watch people get blown around by the winds. Returning to WPB with even MORE supplies (such as more water, 100 lbs. of ice, Dave, the dog, and more Spam) I felt less like an idiot for going that way, as that was the way of all traffic. I dropped Dave at his apartment with no power, and a wee flood in the kitchen, unloaded supplies to the family and took off again before the curfew kicked in. Repeat scenario, minus Dave and Dax for Jeanne about 3 weeks later, which left my parents without power AGAIN for about another 7-10 days (the details start to get fuzzy at this point). They had water this time around. Then Ivan was right before Jeanne, which caused a bit of a frenzy on this coast, but we were saved and the poor panhandle area and Alabama got the brunt of the storm, oh yeah, and then it came back for seconds. I guess it forgot it's watch in Pensacola.
There were the arguments with Bobbie which started the decision of needing to leave my current living arrangement, but we've pretty much patched it all up since then, in the way that passive girls do. There was a trip to Orlando in a rented 2004 Mustang convertible with Sirius radio which started my desire for such an object. Both the convertible and the radio. :) Then came the big decision. To move. Yes, leave the place I have lived for 26 years of my life and go west young woman. The decision to move to Tucson. I feel quite comfortable with this decision and am happy to have made it. Need to really start looking for jobs now. :)
The twins turned 2 this year. Threw down about $200 on their party. It was a great time. They were tons of fun. Thanksgiving came by, I surprised the family with my arrival at my grandfather's and it was nice to see that everyone was truly happy to see me. Even Sidney jumped around when she saw me come in. Such a little ham she is. December, what a month. I developed a nasal tic, that's always fun. I think stress is causing me to lose my hair. Even more fun. Early in December I went camping and had a great time. Met some nice people, found a snake in my bed (rubber one, thank god) and took the joke well. Froze my ass off and pulled my shoulder. I was also propositioned. That's like either the first or 3rd time that's ever happened in my life. Made me feel kind of good. Christmas arrived. Got some nice stuff for Bobbie and Josh (new barstools, very classy), some stuff for my parents and 2 ferris wheel picture frames for Brandi and Nica. Brandi cried. She was so touched by the gift. Made me cry, too. Bitch. :)
The kids got lots of new clothes and tons of flashcards and a karaoke machine (wasn't from me, but rather, from uncle Scary). I got my radio. I'm still working on the convertible. :)
New Year's Eve found me at Dave's apartment playing a movie game and eating tasty meatballs and hor d'oeuvres such as a FABULOUS crab dip. Seriously, this stuff was awesome. I fell asleep during The Stepford Wives. I had already seen it, and so, wasn't missing much.
Oh! One of the highlights of the year was at Barnes and Noble, where I was waiting in line to get my latte and this guy came up to me (probably around 50, and quite "flamboyent") and says, "That is a FAB-U-LOUS shirt, whereEVER did you GET IT?" So, I told him it was ages ago at a store in the mall. "Goodness, my sister just LOVES anything Asian and she would ADORE that shirt." That felt kind of nice. Little ol' gay dude complimenting my style :)
New Year's Day found me in my room packing my books, cds and videos and some knick knacks. 8 boxes worth. Ready to be shipped to Arizona to await my arrival there. When you start to look at your life all packed up, you wonder, where did I get all this shit from? May I add, that was with a bookshelf purge (again) and movie/cd purge.
So, that's the year. Nothing exciting really. Just some good and bad times. Natural disasters. Rescue operations. Roommate battles. Kitty wars (Bodhi and Vera still don't along really). Desire to kill Otis (their dog). Realization that I'm not getting any younger and I haven't really lived my life to MY standards. It was a good year. :) I hope 2005 (I originally typed 1005) is a better year, I hope to start on the path to happiness (at least, happier than I am now) and to finally be comfortable being me. Stop worrying about being too pushy, or brash. Stop losing my hair. Start to take care of myself in the way I should be, hopefully reverse the diabetes that is forming right now, stop desiring a SHITTON of shoes and jeans. And maybe get Vera a playmate she will like and will like her back. Or not, we haven't really spent any alone time together, we need to bond some more. Wow, ok, said too much :) har har har

So friends, take care of yourselves and each other in this New Year and let's make it a great one.

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