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Do you take sugar? One lump or two?

So, let's see. Monday I was told that the needs of downstairs are not the same as the needs of upstairs, and so, I am expected to be here from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. with lunch from 12 p.m. - 1 p.m. Now, this is after when I started no set hours were EVER given to me. It was just kind of like, show up around 7:30 and leave when stuff is done. Yeah, that's about it.
So, ok. Fine. Oh, the reasoning he gave me for this, besides the needs of downstairs..."I had to go somewhere, but I couldn't leave because you were gone and those guys were sitting outside." See, I had 9 guys come in to apply for a job. They wound up staying outside because the field boss said he'd be coming to the office, what he failed to mention was that he meant in like 3 hours. So, it's never stopped Don from leaving before, me being gone from the office. So, whatever. Yesterday, during 12-1, since I didn't leave for lunch, having brought my own, I sat at my desk, worked on my resume and didn't answer the phone. I almost did, but I made myself not answer it. Turned the ringer down and everything.
I mailed out my boxes on Monday, $175!!! At least they are sent now, should arrive in like 9 days. Oy vey! On the way to the post office, I got hit in the head with a rock. yes, a rock, road debris. I have no idea how it happened, but it did. I guess I should be glad my window was down so it didn't break it. I don't have a lump or anything and I didn't bleed, so, I guess all is well with that.
I caught a cold. That's fun. My nose is about to run off my face. Fevers coming and going in the afternoon. I sleep it off and then it comes back during the day, why's that? Because I can't miss any days. Why? Because no one else can/will do my job. I'd rather work sick than come back to a shit ton of papers to file/enter/decipher.
Let's see, what else did Monday bring forth? Oh yes, the princess. She got a new puppy. Oh, but it gets better, she brought it to work. Yes, there is a puppy upstairs now. She spends about 1/4 to 1/3 of her workday outside walking this damn thing. Bobbie stepped on the dog yesterday, oh, why is that? BECAUSE YOU SHOULDN'T BE LOOKING OUT FOR A PUPPY WHEN YOU ARE AT WORK...unless you work in a pet shop or someplace where dogs are expected to be. Bobbie and I were joking that she should bring Otis to work this week and be like, "Oh, I thought we were doing this now." I am fully behind the idea, I would even transport his slobbery butt to work and back. That's how behind this idea I am. :)
Oh, and the best part of the week so far, princess and the choad have gotten raises. *I* haven't gotten a raise since I started here, but this is their 2nd one since I started here. Um...hello? Bobbie and I are both pissed, especially since she is now making a ridiculous amount of money for not working. At least Steve does SOMETHING all day. Ah well. One more month. Bobbie may have different job prospects in her immediate future, so, I am kind of hoping that she bails out of here before I do so I can leave with like 2 days notice. :D Just to fuck them but good. See, I won't do that if she's still here, because she'll get stuck doing what I do and she really shouldn't have to do it, bitchface can do it as far as I'm concerned, not like she's doing anything else anyways.
Ok, so, yeah, that's how the week has been so far. ONE MORE MONTH DAMMIT

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