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For my writer friends: http://www.mediabistro.com/courses/salon/

I'm slightly tempted to log on to such a thing. If anything, it's a good way to spare you all and get the feelings down on "paper."

Today was an okay day. I got quite a bit done. Audited the job files and got all of the invoices paid for last year out of the files so they could be filed with the paid invoices. No one even asked me and I did it, isn't that special?

Anyways, no word yet from a job I applied for on Friday. Of course, it's only Monday and they have quite a few applications to go through. I did a smart ass thing and corrected the job description that they put up. One of the requisites for the job was editing/proofreading skills. So, I fixed it for them. I wonder if they will take the corrected version :) Good thing I ran spellchecker on it, I misspelled a word :)

I have a few other jobs that I saw that I want to send my resume in for. One is a job that I'm doing right now, so that should be a cakewalk!

Sent out more boxes today, that was nice. This weekend going to pack up more stuff, Heather said she was going to help me out. I just have to feed her some Hooters food and she's down with it. So, that's good. I'm getting more and more excited, not only to be free of this job but to just be out of Florida, start a new chapter of my life. CAN'T WAIT! Of course, I'm a little trepadacious. What if I can't find a job? What if I just get stuck in another crap "career?" I'm sure it will all work out though. Anyways, it's getting late. Time for sleepings! :)

Night kids.

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