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Had a nice evening yesterday. Got just to the street we turn on to to get to the house and my cell phone message indicator went off, so I noticed that Bobbie called and called her back, but, it was Josh! Alas! :)
Anyways, they asked me to go get some tortillas and jalapenos for tacos that night. So, I just turned the car around and ran in and out, there is a grocery store RIGHT down the street from the house, like a 1.5 miles away. Pretty groovy. Got home and they had started the process of making tacos. They were quite yummy. We were just chitchatting about stuff, Josh's school day, his class that he taught on Monday, Bobbie's day at work, my day at work (that was a blissfully short conversation) but led to an interesting discussion of Excel. Josh wondered if you could import pictures of flags into Excel. We got to this because I said that one of the guys kept referring to this one group of new guys as the "Guatemalans."
In case you didn't know, latinos/hispanics can be some of THE most racist "in group" people. No, it's true. Mexicans don't trust Cubans and vice versa, everyone hates the Puerto Ricans (they're lazy, you see) and well, the central Americans...no good. Never show up for work, have no skills. Yep. I won't EVEN get into South Americans! :)
Anyways, so, Josh was saying, I could find out where all the guys are from and put the corresponding flag to their name in Excel, it would be a good way to kill the day. I said, while this is a good idea in theory, there is no national flag for the Republic of Assholia, which is well represented both in the office and in the field. Everyone agreed and we moved on to laugh at Otis and look at blooming orchids.

I discovered I'm an asshole yesterday, though. I forgot my friend Anne's birthday. It's on the 10th. I suck. I sent her a belated email though and told her that I sucked but that I still loved her, etc. Her sister-in-law is pregnant, they'll find out in a few weeks what the sex is. I offered baby clothes that Brandi has laying around that the twins are outgrowing like little weeds. My goodness they grow up so fast. So, her SIL is covered either way with the clothes, since we got one of each :)
Toys too. They are trying to bring the number of toys down to one bucket.
So insane!

Watched the Biggest Loser last night. Shut up. I said shut it! Anyways, as I was saying, the winner/loser lost 122 lbs in six months! Amazing. Of course, if I was working out 3-6 hours a day I could probably lose that much too :)
Anyways, they all looked great, and next week the people who got voted off are going to see who wins $100K. I wasn't really following this show that closely, just catching parts of it here and there, mostly just a bunch of fat people crying about how happy they are now because they aren't fat anymore or something. *sigh* I can do without the psychologizing, thanks :)

Went to bed after watching L&O: SVU, a particularly sobering episode. Little girl gets molested, 2 other little girls say they have been too just to shut their mothers up. So starved for some sort of attention are these suburban housewives that they would put their daughters through making up abuse so that they can seem important. Absolutely disgusting. I'm sure they meant well :)

OK, have to find something to do. I just finished calling in payroll for the week, I thought maybe seeing that Bobbie got a raise would spur Don to do the same for me, I guess not. Bastard. I could use the extra dough is all I'm saying right now. I'm tempted to change my W-4 to married with 7 dependents for the remainder of my time here to get as much money as possible. Something to ponder, non?

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