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So, there was a power outage or something? I have no idea, but, it would explain why there was a lack of numerous posts for Friday. Made catching up on the friends list a lot easier.
So, Friday:
Gave notice, talked with Don for an hour about it. Explained issues about Danielle and the various crap that was being pulled. To make a long story short, he didn't seem surprised that I was quitting, and was highly amused at the fact that they (Danielle, Steve & Kendall) seemed to think that these people kept leaving because of Don. I set Don straight on that one, telling him the only reason that they are getting 2 weeks out of me is because Don doesn't deserve to be left in a lurch like that. I also told him that it's not fair to him that because of their inability to work with others he is the one who gets screwed. He did ask me to think it over if I really wanted to leave and I told him that it's already done, I had shipped half my stuff out and was already making plans to go out there. I guess I just expected more drama than that. I think I need to stop watching so much tv :)

So, Friday evening found me with Heather, Dave, Sonny and his lady at Hooters. Dave had never been before, and so did not know that he was supposed to stare at the T&A and drool like an asshole. I was so proud of him for not doing so, even though I teased him for not doing so. And Dave, ordering a salad is ok. :)
We sat on barstools for about 3.5 hours or so. My ass hurt the next day from clenching to sit up straight. I am SO out of shape :) Sonny was an ok guy, I think he probably grows on you when he's not posturing so much. Too much to go into there, but there was a half hour discussion about when "Pour Some Sugar On Me" came out and which album it was on. Turns out, Dave and I were right. HAHAHAH!! I wonder if I should be ashamed of knowing this information. Anyways, so I didn't get any sorting/packing done that night.

Saturday brings us to the fair. Yes...the county fair. Ahh...smell the livestock, funnel cakes and italian sausages mingling together into one large aroma that can only tell you...it's the fair. Then you get to the runway with its sly addition of vomit and BO. Ahh...the fair. I had a good time, went with Heather and my parents and my godmother. Good stuff. Ate our way through for the most part, played some games, went on a ride and played in the arcade. My parents and godmother do this every year. Good fun. Went through 2 trunks that I had in my parents' den, brought it down to the smaller trunk. In 2 weeks I'll be doing the final packing of stuff. I need to get this shit done and over with. I'll probably pack up boxes to be shipped out at a later date. Send my parents some money to do it for me or something. We'll see.

Today, I woke up, had some coffee, watched Snake Eyes with Nic Cage, drove back to Ft. Myers and kicked much ass at Scrabble. I won 3 out of 4 games. Woo! I am the massah! Had a PB&J for dinner and now, I ready myself for bed. Oh, and my aunt is in the hospital because she has an infection in her foot. She gets a bone scan tomorrow to see how bad it is and they also are going to test her circulation. She's already lost 2 toes on this foot, we are hoping she doesn't lose another. So, send your good vibes towards her. Night kids.

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