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Applied for another job today, started checking out some temp agencies. Oh, must email resume to parilous (note to self).

My aunt is having surgery this afternoon (in 13 minutes to be exact) to have a toe removed. It seems the infection spread to her bone, but I guess they caught it in time so that it's just a toe. Unfortunately, it's the same foot that she lost 2 other toes on, so, she'll probably be walking with a cane from now on. Better than walking with a prosthesis though. I'll update on her condition tomorrow.

There was quite a bit of drama surrounding her surgery yesterday. My mom calls and tells me that Nica is losing her whole foot. I was, of course, shocked and taken aback...BUT...you have to remember something with my mother, she feeds on drama. So, I also took it with a grain of salt. I waited until I talked with Brandi to make sure that it was just a toe and not her whole foot. She confirmed. I tell her what my mom said, she flips out. She tells Nica. She flips out. Ahh..the catch...Nica can't call my mom and yell at her because she can't call long distance from the hospital room. Even though they are only a county apart...ahhh...long distance. Anyways, so Brandi gets caught in the middle of some demented phone tag game and knows that her mom doesn't want my mom going to the hospital during the surgery, but she's going to do what she wants anyways, besides, my grandfather wants to go up there and he can't drive himself, he gets confused a bit now when he drives. We try to keep his driving to the grocery store at the maximum...MAYBE the bank.

I don't know why it is like this with her. Why it always has to be about her. This is my morning conversation with Heather regarding her conversation with my mom last night:

Theizzardqueen (8:29:58 AM): she leaves me a message (which I still have not listened to)
Theizzardqueen (8:30:01 AM): so I call her at work
Theizzardqueen (8:30:09 AM): she "stepped away for a moment"
Theizzardqueen (8:30:13 AM): she calls me back
Theizzardqueen (8:30:21 AM): but I am in publix which means no reception
Theizzardqueen (8:30:35 AM): I call her again
Theizzardqueen (8:30:40 AM): shes all sniffling and shit
Theizzardqueen (8:30:54 AM): "they have to take nica's foot, I dont know how high up"
Theizzardqueen (8:30:57 AM): so Im all holy shit
Theizzardqueen (8:31:41 AM): "yeah...this is awful. Daddy is taking it real hard. Because thats his baby. I mean Im over it now because Im grown. But Nicas always been his baby, and I can deal with that now. But hes taking it real hard"
Theizzardqueen (8:31:53 AM): so Im all "ok" lets make this all about velica now
LocaKitty (8:32:07 AM): hehehe
Theizzardqueen (8:32:24 AM): so Im like "well Im waiting to hear from brandi so I can go up and watch the kids if necessary"
Theizzardqueen (8:32:48 AM): and shes like "well daddy and I are going up. I have to work late so I can take the time off and get all this work off my desk. Because no one ever helps ME.
Theizzardqueen (8:32:53 AM): memememememememeMEMEMEME
Theizzardqueen (8:32:57 AM): so Im all
Theizzardqueen (8:33:02 AM): "k - bye"

we don't really talk like that, "So I was all..." "...and then she was all..." only in IM :)

So, that's life right now. That and trying to find someone to be my replacement.

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