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So, Friday is my last day. I decided after this discussion:

Don: I don't want someone who doesn't have a job right now.
me: Well, c'mon! I mean, I was without work for a month...
Don: Yeah, and you didn't even last a year.

Now...I wasn't working because I couldn't find a job that would pay me enough money. I had had a temp job in the interim because I just wanted a job, something to do. Anyways, after that comment, to me, it just trivializes everything that I felt went wrong at that place. Honestly, there's a small part of me that is just waiting for them to fail and lose their shirts. Of course, people like that hardly ever wait until that minute and sell before that happens...take the money and run and fuck the others.

Bobbie feels bad about me working there. I found some logs from IM conversations from when Debbie was there...Kendall and Danielle were so nasty to her. It was ridiculous. I mean, just nit picking EVERYTHING. I couldn't believe it. I quoted some of the stuff to Bobbie and she was like, "Yeah, silly me thought she was just incompetent. I'm so sorry that you ever worked here."
I told her not to worry about it, I got some good skills so that will help me get a better job, preferably at a place with benefits. I need some health insurance big time.

The best part of the conversation was Don telling me I had it better than him...I wanted to tell him, "Yeah, I got it great. I can't afford to go to the doctor because I don't have health insurance. I don't get my lunches for free, I don't get my health insurance for free, I don't get new tires for my car for free, I don't get to get all kinds of perks from everyone for my house or whatever. Yep, I got it great." He probably means that I have it better because I only work M-F. Well...don't fuck around so much during work hours. Instead of chatting for an hour about a golf game or the Super Bowl...do some work. There's a thought. My main goal every day, is to get out of there and go home.

Whatever, 2 more days. I'll be going home this weekend, packing up the rest of my stuff, probably driving back to Ft. Myers on Monday or Tuesday, packing up from here and then Tuesday or Wednesday pulling out of Florida to begin my new life of not being a doormat :)

This job has helped me to learn how to say no. That's a big positive.

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