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Before I even attempt to read about 4 days worth of "posts," I'll go ahead and do my own little update. Friday was my last day of work with the concrete company. There were some sad Mexicans, let me just tell you. :) The mason's supervisor was all kinds of upset that I was leaving. Ok, I mean, there weren't tears or whatever, but, we respected each other because we both got our work done. I made the trip back to West Palm Beach for the last time (for 10 months anyways for the December visit).

Picked rushomancy(Dave) up in Palm Beach Gardens and the met Heather, Amada, Sonny and Priscilla at Hooters for some dinner. We moved the party to the Palm Beach Ale House and got Dave drunk on 7 Long Island Ice Teas. Wow. He left a wonderful message on my voice mail for anyone who has the number and wants to hear it. heheeheheheeheheeeeeee
We also got him to sing parts of "Immigrant Song" and "Get Low" by Lil' Jon. THAT was worth 7 LIITs. :D

A good time was had, Saturday I got up, took my car to get serviced (needed oil change and alignment, it's driving much better now) and they were lovely and vacuumed and washed. Yay! Then, Heather and I headed up to Port St. Lucie to see Brandi and the twins and Nica. Her surgery went well, the incision is healing nicely and she got her stitches out today! The kids were great. I'm going to miss them a TON. Next time I see them they will be 3!! I told Brandi I'd be sending her disposable cameras and she can mail them back to me and I'll get the pics developed. Joe is living with them again. *sigh* He says he's ready to clean up, I almost want to believe him this time. He's terminating rights to one of his kids because the foster mother wants to adopt her and the kid wants to stay with the foster mother, she's finally found a stable, loving home, so...props to him for doing that.

Sunday, I cleaned and packed and cleaned some more. Heather inherited my stereo, entertainment center and matching shelves. I *was* going to take those, but decided to just get something better. My dad helped me bring down all kinds of stuff, yay!, and then I went with Heather to dinner, grocery shopping and then a visit with my grandfather. His hair hurt, he said, from his wild night on Friday. He goes out one night a week and spends about 4 days recovering from it. *sigh* Anyways, so that was fun. Then I took Heather home and sniffled a bit. 10 months without your best friend...it's a bit much. But, there are phones and instant messages, so, we won't be too far apart. :)

I got the room all kinds of cleaned up though. Looked pretty good. Passed out around 11 p.m.

Today, got up early, wrapped up 2 boxes of baby clothes for Anne's brother and sister-in-law. They are expecting a baby girl soon, Sara Allison Coker. Yay! Of course, I didn't learn it was a girl until AFTER I had already boxed up one box of girl clothes and one box of boy/unisex clothing. I'm sure it will all be used though. If not, they can throw it on ebay or something. Anyways, so, went to the library, got that email with their address then I went to the post office, then I called one of my aunt's to see if she was home, but she was on her way to the VA because her hands/feet were swelling up again. I think she has gout. So, I headed home, got my parents computer, the new hard drive and a box of books for the VA and went to Dave's house. Dropped everything off there, then went to my other aunt who lives in that part of town and then we went to lunch with my dad. Paid my car insurance bill and then went back home, my dad and I both napped in our respective seats in the living room and then he helped me pack up my car. I was waiting for my mom to get home so I could say bye and hit the road to come back to Ft. Myers. Then, a wrench thrown in the plans, my mom suggests dinner. Ok...so, we go to dinner, I don't get back to Ft. Myers until about 9:30. That's cool though. Came in to find a new kitty and a dog going batshit because of the new kitty. Apparently, the kitty has already made him bleed, but, he keeps going back for more. Cute widdle all black kitty. Little boy, 4 months old, named Taj. Sweetie beetie purr ball is what he is.
I haven't taken anything out the car, I'll get it tomorrow. I'm beat!
I came back here early though because I thought my Sirius receiver bit the dust. However, I think it's the power cable, because I used the lighter power thingie and it works fine. I'll just take it easy when I'm driving along and listening, turn it off every 2 hours, that sort of thing. But, that will give a nice break in the listening of the radio. I like to listen to the local NPRs when I'm travelling anyways, get to hear all kinds of wacky stuff. Local programming rawks!
So, not having to deal with the Best Buy people clears up a lot of time. Tomorrow will find me doing laundry, bathing Vera and clipping her nails. I'll also be packing up the rest of the car and wondering why I have so much shit. :)
The freaking painting in the backseat is insane. But, it's really cool.

Anyways, that was my insanely boring weekend, probably tomorrow will be insightful looks into my feelings and stuff. Unless I'm too beat to do so. :D

Night kids.

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