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Working on laundry right now. Have to vacuum the room still and dust some stuff. Need to remember to pack my lamp. I remembered to get the other one from my house, so I can have a matching set :)
Must look for red lampshades. I heart red :)
Anyways, so, I'm just hanging out at this point, waiting on laundry. *note to self: check dryer* I have sheets in there right now, so that might take a bit to dry. I also need to run to the store and get my scripts refilled and then go to the library and return a book. I think I might check out some audiobooks for the trip. Mail them back to the library when I'm done :)

I'm burning the candle that Dave and his mom got me, it's making the room smell very nice :)
I think I'm procrastinating. Not good. Oh well, I know I'll be out of her tomorrow and all will begin to get better, for I will have a better mindset :)

More later perhaps.
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