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So, that other entry was just fun with pictures and stuff. Here's the meaty, you wish you had my life stuff that I am about to divulge to you on this day.
Went to an interview this morning and DIDN'T GET LOST!! WOO!!! *dances*
Interview, pretty much like this, "I didn't know that I'd have the employee after 90 days."
"Uh, yeah, me either."
"Yeah, so, it's not really a full time job, it's sort of full time until September, then it's like 15 hours a week until March."
"Yeah, I'm not down with that."
"OK. I think you'd be bored here anyways."
"Yeah, me too. Ok, later."
"Yeah, later."
:) Good times. It's cool though, I knew that it wasn't something I was going to want to take, sounded WAY too simple for me to do. I mean, I wouldn't even have to speak the spanny. So, came back to the homestead after going to Big Lots and hung around and stuff. This evening we went to Happy Panda Golden China Palace for mongolian BBQ, which was quite tasty. April and I went to Ross after dinner to get her a pair of jeans, and I got some shower curtain hooks. They have little records that say "Rock and Roll" and juke boxes and classic cars. Really cute and kitschy. Perfect for the groovy single lady. We also decided that April will be vicariously living her decor ideas through me. :) I'm okay with that, since I have final say (it *IS* my wallet after all).

Then we went to B&N where I found a Bill Hicks DVD with like 3.5 hours of stand up and stuff, I also found a Kids in the Hall DVD that made me happy. I was a little ticked off that they didn't have Search for the Holy Grail, only in a $40 "Collector's Edition" which I didn't even see in the racks. So, I passed on that. I'll order it online. Then we went over to the bookside and I got Chris a book about some Antartica expedition, and I got blank note cards that are in the shape of the Operation game pieces, they are really cool. I'm going to use them to send to friends/family when I finally get a place to make them aware of the new address. Nice and fun! Then we both got lattes (which is why I'm still freaking awake I think) and then headed back here.

I got to experience my first road closure! We were driving down this one road and it was all, "Road Closed" and I was all, Yay! :)
We had to turn around and go a different way. Good times. So, I'm finally starting to feel a little sleepypants :) So, it was a good day and stuff. Monday again for more resume submittal. Woo!!

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