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Went with April to Lowe's this afternoon and got some paint. THE KITCHEN LOOKS AWESOME! :)
We taped up and painted it in about 3 hours. Which I thought was pretty cool.
Then, I had to run out and get an onion and some mushrooms and some wet food for Vaash. Ew. I hate wet food. It is smelly. Ew. But, he ate it mixed with some dry, so he can get used to dry food. I refuse wet food!!!
He slept in the bed with me last night, purred through most of it. He's such a cutie. He also let me clip his nails with no issue. That was nice. I am going to need to bathe him soon.

This evening I made dinner. Chicken parmesean with rotini (whole wheat), homemade tomato sauce and for dessert strawberries and fresh whipped cream (cinnamon). It came out most excellently. Tomorrow we finish one more wall and then...zee kitchen is done!
Ta da!

OK...I'm off to read. Later kids. :)

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