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That's right kids...MORE PICTURES!!! WOOOO!!!!

April and I went to the Kitt Peak Observatory today since it was such a nice day and she had read an article in the paper (I bought a paper, she is very anti paper) about the wildflowers blooming on SR86 (I'm assuming that they are called "state roads" here because that's what we called them in Florida). So, off we go. Very beautiful scenery. (The album is Arizona Nature Stuff)
We were going to go up to the Solar Telescope thingie but I was cold and our feet hurt (my toes were getting rubbed wrong and April has something wrong with one of her feet). So, we headed back to the car and took a few more pictures. Then we took pictures of wildflowers and stuff. :) I got pretty artsy fartsy with some shots. I'm silly that way. Anyways, I'm thinking of maybe putting those pictures up on that stock photo site. Need to find the URL for that. I wonder if they would ever sell. Worth a shot :)

Ok...I need to eat something, I'm starving.

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